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    Mekong Delta Tours is one of the best choices that foreign tourists choose to visit when making a Vietnam tours. This place has kind and sociable people and many different types of cultural feature !
    Sweetness – the most prominent feature of the culinary culture
    Unlike the North, sweetness is one of the indispensable savors in each meal in Mekong Delta. It seems that Mekong Delta people always add a little sugar to increase the sweetness of most daily dishes. Thanks to this cultural feature, Mekong Delta owns a plenty of sweet gruel including sweet beans gruel, sweet corn gruel, sweet lotus seed gruel, sweet banana with coconut gruel, sweet taro pudding with coconut gruel and so on. Therefore, this is also the reason why so many tourists in Vietnam tours claim that the way of talking of Mekong Delta people is extremely smooth-spoken.

    In addition to sugar, another striking feature of Mekong Delta’s culinary culture is pepper. According to the belief of Mekong Delta people, pepper is not only a spice to make the dishes much more tasty and savory but it is also very good for health. From the soup to the dried dishes, it is impossible to lack of this spice.

    Rice alcohol – the kind of drink to show the hospitality
    Instead of using beer to serve their guests like other places, Mekong Delta people prefer to use rice alcohol. Specifically, rice alcohol is a kind of drink originated from the northern glutinous rice. It has an extremely high alcohol content, even up to 50% ABV. In particular, Go Den Alcohol is one of the most famous alcohol brands in Mekong Delta. It is produced in Go Dau Commune, Ben Luc District, Long An Province. Commonly, a lot of tourists buy Go Den Alcohol to give their friends as a gift of Mekong Delta tours.

    Besides using rice alcohol to welcome their guests, Mekong Delta people also utilize it to marinate foods such as meat, fish and seafood. As for its advantages in cooking, it usually reduces the stinking smell and the acridity of these dishes, simultaneously, increases their deliciousness.

    Floating market – the unique cultural feature of the wetland
    Mekong Delta is famous for having a plexus of rivers and lakes surrounding thus forming a unique kind of market called “floating market”. The floating market has been a remarkable cultural feature of Mekong Delta for a long time, it becomes a familiar tourist destination attracting a great number of tourists to visit and experience in Vietnam tours. Although this kind of market is also popular in some neighboring countries like Cambodia or Thailand, the floating market of Mekong Delta in Vietnam is always attractive because of a variety of products and the simple lifestyle in trading of Mekong Delta people. The three well-known floating markets in Mekong Delta are Cai Rang Floating Market (Can Tho), Cai Be Floating Market (Tien Giang) and Phung Hiep Floating Market (Hau Giang).

    Boat – the typical means of transportation
    Due to the large interlaced river system, the main means of transport to go around in Mekong Delta is the boat. Simultaneously, it is also a major means used to transport local goods and agricultural products. Usually, boat is divided into various names depending on each region in Mekong Delta such as barge, rowing boat, canoe, ferry and so on. In which, barge is a kind of boat weighing from 15 to 100 tons which can transport a large number of products to other provinces or all over the country. Inherently, boat is considered to be the traditional culture of Mekong Delta. If you have a chance to take Mekong Delta tours, you should not forget to experience in this unique means of transportation and contemplate the beautiful landscapes in Mekong Delta.
    You have read all information about the Mekong Delta tours. If you think it is good to visit here once, please contact us at the website:
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    thanks Bác đúng bài em đang cần , may quá đi tìm mãi hhhi

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